Downtown Parking

Downtown Parking Availability
Downtown Glenwood Springs has a limited number of parking spaces due to its historic nature. There is public all-day, 2-hour, 1-hour, 30-minute and 15-minuts parking zones in downtown as well as many private lots.

Employee Parking
Employees are encouraged to commute using alternative forms of transportation and many downtown employers participate in the TDM Stakeholders program.

Residential Parking Permits
Residents living in downtown Glenwood Springs are eligible to receive 1 parking pass and 1 guest- parking pass per residence. They are only needed if the street is designated a 2-hour parking zone. Residents can obtain the parking passes at the Glenwood Springs Police Department.

Downtown Parking Recommendation
City Council adopted the 2003 Parking Recommendation (PDF) on March 26, 2003. This document helps guide the City in balancing the parking demand and supply in the downtown area.