Bridge Detour Toolbox

Grand Avenue Bridge Concept

Bike Route Map

The City of Glenwood Springs has created a new City Bike Map to help residents and visitors find their way around town by bicycle. The map shows recommended bike routes and indicates what type of riding environment you can expect- a multi-use path, an on-road bike lane, a sidewalk bike route, or a shared on-road route with vehicle traffic.

Interactive Map

Where can I park my bike?

Click to see the location of bike racks throughout town

Bus Schedules & Routes

There will be 3 new RFTA bus routes within the city of Glenwood Springs and an expanded Hogback Route providing service from Parachute to Glenwood Springs. 

For the duration of the bridge closure, there is no cost to ride the Hogback bus between Parachute and Glenwood Springs, or the three downtown Glenwood Springs shuttles. 

RFTA GAB Detour Schedules

Trail Map

The City of Glenwood Springs has a beautiful trail system enabling people to easily get around town by walking or biking.

Glenwood Trail Map

Traffic Map

Check out the current Detour traffic in Glenwood Springs by clicking here.

Traffic Cam

Lookout Mountain - Shows Midland Ave and 8th St at various locations along the detour route.

Whitewater Park - West end of Detour Route.

Midland Ave - Detour Route, Near Two Rivers Park.

Devereaux and 6th St View - Looking east from whitewater park.


The CommuterConnect Rideshare System is a quick way to find all your commuting options. Using your home and work addresses, you can find a carpool, or bus that matches your commute and search for nearby commuters looking for carpool, biking, or walking partners.

Parking Maps

North & West Glenwood public parking map

South Glenwood public parking map

Interactive Map

The City of Glenwood Springs has created several parking lots for use during the Grand Avenue Bridge Detour, and thanks to the generosity of our community partners, public parking will also be available at RFTA’s park and ride, Safeway, Walmart, Glenwood Meadows, and American Furniture Warehouse.

Changes to City Hall Operating Hours

Starting Aug. 7, Glenwood Springs City Hall will have adjusted operating hours. This schedule is expected to continue through 2017.
City Hall: 
 Mon - Thurs, 7am - 7pm
Police Department: 
 Mon - Thurs, 7am - 7pm
Fire Department:
 Mon - Thurs, 7am - 5:30pm

Electric Department:
Mon - Thurs, 7am - 5:30pm

Watch City Council Meetings Online

Don't have internet? Broadcasts of meetings are available on Comcast cable channel 10.

Tips for Dealing with Detour Stress

  • Try walking/biking to work
  • Fill up on gas the night before
  • Make a fun playlist for the road
  • Hit the hot springs
  • Exercise
  • Join a class at the Community Center
  • Let it go

Contact City Council or City Staff

City Staff Directory
City Council Info

Bikes on Buses

Bike racks are located on the front of RFTA buses, accommodating up to four bikes on a first come, first serve basis from selected bus stops between Aspen and Rifle and points in between. Not all bus stops accommodate bike loading, please call 925-8484 for pick up locations. A fee of $2 is charged for each bike.

For additional information, visit the RFTA website.

Tips for Bike Commuting

 1. Take a Test Run: Experiment with your planned route on a weekend or evening when you’re not in a rush.

2. Bring a Friend: Have someone who bike commutes from your area show you their route.

​3. Stock Your Office: Put some extra toiletries and a pack of handi-wipes in your bag or desk drawer for some quick clean up if you need it. For long rides, bad weather, or formal work environments consider bringing a change of clothes to work.

New Trail Rules

During the GAB Detour, electrical assist bicycles (E-Bikes) will be allowed on public trails, bike paths, and sidewalks designated as bike paths. 

Dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6-feet when on any public, hard surface trail or within the boundaries of Two Rivers Park.

GAB Project Updates