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Happy Trails is an initiative of the City of Glenwood Springs to increase safety and consideration on our roads, sidewalks, paths and trails. This 4-week campaign will feature information on how to get around Glenwood Springs safely and within the rules.

Each week the City’s website will offer information and a survey. Complete the survey and sign a pledge at the end to be patient, aware and courteous and you will be eligible for some great prizes, like day passes to the Community Center or Glenwood Springs Parks and Rec t-shirts. Surveys may also be completed in City Hall.

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On the Sidewalk 

July 24-30

Be Courteous

   • Riding your bike or skateboard on the sidewalk is permitted, and occasionally even recommended in Glenwood Springs. But there’s a catch: if you choose to ride on the sidewalk, you must yield to pedestrians and obey all pedestrian signs and signals.

Be Kind

   • The City has established a Downtown Dismount area where pedestrian volumes and sidewalk widths do not comfortably accommodate bicycle riding. Please be considerate and walk your wheels on the sidewalk (or ride on the road) in these areas.

Be Aware

   • Use common sense on bridges and narrow sidewalks. Walk your wheels in a crowd!

   • Bicyclists and pedestrians: watch for vehicles at intersections and driveways. Riding on the sidewalk is often more dangerous than riding on the road.

   • Drivers: be on the lookout when a driveway crosses a sidewalk. Be on the lookout for bicyclists and pedestrians before pulling out.