What benefits will the Grand Avenue Bridge bring to the local community?
Construction of a new Grand Avenue Bridge and improvements to the adjacent I-70 interchange will dramatically change the character of north Glenwood Springs and 6th Street. As a result, the City of Glenwood Springs began a master planning study of the 6th Street corridor to identify streetscape improvements, bike facilities, public parking, and neighborhood gathering areas, and to help shape future design elements of development. The draft plan outlines the vision for property owners, future development, parking facilities, wayfinding and engaging the river. City Council will consider adoption of the 6th Street Master Plan at its regular meeting on June 15.

A project to enhance 7th Street along the Restaurant Row corridor by creating a destination pedestrian environment that will provide space for community events was also envisioned as a result of the Grand Avenue Bridge project. The enhanced 7th Street will improve the entryway to downtown from the historic train station, the south landing area of the pedestrian bridge over I-70 and the Colorado River, and the area underneath the new bridge. The first phase of the project is expected to start in 2018.

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3. What benefits will the Grand Avenue Bridge bring to the local community?
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