What parking will be available during the Bridge Detour?
The City of Glenwood Springs offers several free, all-day parking lot locations for downtown visitors. On the east side of Grand Avenue, there is the City/DDA parking garage, located at 9th and Cooper, and the Cooper Street public parking lot, located next to the Glenwood Fire Station on Cooper between 8th and 9th Streets. West of Grand Avenue, visitors can park for free in the lot at 7th and Colorado (behind the Italian Underground and Smoke Modern Barbeque), in the lot on the west end of 7th Street by the City’s old Water Treatment Plant, and in the lot to the west of City Hall. Additionally, after 6pm the parking lot at the Garfield County Courthouse and the Library/CMC parking structure become available to the public. During the detour, several locations have been identified for additional temporary parking lots, including at Youth Zone, on Centennial Drive, and at the former Waste Water Treatment Plant (additional parking spaces).

Public Lots on the East Side of Grand Avenue:
City/DDA Parking Garage. Located at 9th Street and Cooper Avenue
Cooper Street Public Parking. Located next to the Glenwood Fire Station on Cooper Avenue between 8th & 9th Streets.

Public Lots on the West Side of Grand Avenue:
Lot at 7th and Colorado. Behind the Italian Underground and Smoke Modern Barbeque.
Lot at West End of 7th Street. This lot is located across from the park with the art installation featuring giant daisies.
City Hall Public Parking. Located on 8th Street just west of the City Hall complex.
After 6 p.m. Parking Options:
Library/CMC Parking Structure. Beneath the library building are over 100 available spaces.
Garfield County Courthouse. A lot along 7th Street that opens up after business hours.

Due to the proximity of Two Rivers Park to downtown, the City will not allow overnight parking at Two Rivers and will reserve some of the parking stalls within the parking for city vehicles and authorized vanpools. Boats and boat trailers will be directed to park at the Centennial lot.

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