About the South Canyon Landfill

The South Canyon Landfill is owned and operated by the City of Glenwood Springs and has served the waste management needs of our community for over 60 years.  The site provides a variety of services to the public including trash disposal, brush and yard waste recycling, commercial composting, aggregate recycling, metal recycling, and electronics recycling.

construction and demolition waste pricing and sorting instructions 


The South Canyon Landfill operates a commercial composting facility and sells STA certified compost.  For more information about how to compost your food waste please call or email.

Vehicles not using an account are tracked by license plate number - all vehicles must have a front license plate. Vehicles with no front license plate will be charged $10.

State solid waste user fee is applied to most loads


PRODUCT TYPE       No returns, look before you buy
Compost $31.50/ per ton
Topsoil (0.5-inch screened) $42/ per ton
Wood Chips $30/ per ton
Fill Dirt (unscreened, dump trucks/trailers only) $8/ per ton
Recycled Road Base (1.5 inch minus product, View Proctor and Gradation) $20/ per ton
 Material Type
 In County Tipping Fee
Out of County Tipping Fee 
Municipal Solid Waste (Compacted)$53.00 / ton $106.00 / ton
 Food Waste$12.00 / ton 
Residential Waste (1) 30 Gallon Bag Unloaded at Recycle Center$5.00/Unit
Construction/Demolition/Loose Trash*
$60.00 / ton  $90.00 / ton
Unsorted C&D/Loose Trash (contains divertible materials)*$101.00 / ton $157.00 / ton
Concrete/porcelain/masonry/crushable rock (can contain some dirt and rebar, no trash NO PLASTIC)$40.00 / ton 
Contaminated Soil**$70.00 / ton 
Screenable Soil (good quality topsoil, very little sod/rocks, no trash) $10.00/ ton 
Waste Soil (cover dirt, not screenable, ie red dirt or other low quality spoils, sod) $25.00/ ton
Brush and Wood (separated)$40.00 / ton 
Appliances$10.00 / each 
Refrigerator / Freezer / AC Unit$40.00 / each 
Other Recyclable Metal (separated)FREE 
Mattress / Box spring$15.00/ each 
Large Animal (elk, cow, etc - over 500 lbs)$100.00 / each 
Medium Animal (deer, etc - up to 500 lbs)$20.00 / each 
Non-friable Asbestos***$67.50 / ton 
Septic Tank Liquid$0.24 / gallon $0.36 / gallon
Car Wash Liquid Waste (April 15-October 15) NO OIL$0.30 / gallon $0.36 / gallon
Grease Liquid Waste$0.24 / gallon $0.36 / gallon
Biosolids$40.00 / ton
Minimum Charge$12.00 / load 
Uncovered Load Fee$40.00 
$48.00 / ton*
$48.00 / ton*
$48.00 / ton*
$20.00 / ton*
$20.00 / ton*
$39.14 / ton*
$39.14 / ton*
$39.14 / ton*
$39.14 / ton*
$39.14 / ton*
$8.00/ each*
$8.00/ each*

Tire Type
Tipping Fee
Passenger car/light truck $6.00 / tire
Passenger car/light truck with rim $12.00 / tire
Large truck $12.00 / tire
Large truck with rim $24.00 / tire
Tires Cut (quartered or sidewalls cut out) $89.00 / ton
$5.00 / tire*
$5.00 / tire*
$5.00 / tire*
$20.00 / tire*
$20.00 / tire*
$20.00 / tire*
 Electronic Type
 Tipping Fee
Television (between 18 and 23 inches)$20.00
Television (between 24 and 31 inches)
Television (between 32 and 36 inches)$45.00
Television (37 inches and larger)
Flat Screen TV (between 15 and 22 inches)
Flat Screen TV (between 23 to 27 inches)$20.00
Flat Screen TV (between 28 and 39 inches)
Flat Screen TV (between 40 to 50 inches)$30.00
Flat Screen TV (between 51 and 70 inches)
Any broken or disassembled TV
$10.00 added
CPU, tower$15.00
Laptop, audio-video accessories$8.00
Solar Panel (smaller than 9 square feet)$20.00
Solar Panel (9 square feet or larger)$40.00
Computer Monitors$20.00

 Waste Type
 Tipping Fee
Small printer $15.00
Medium printer $25.00
Floor standing copier or printer $65.00
Microwave $5.00
 Material Type
 Tipping Fee
Wood, Chipped$8.00/ ton
Grass and Leaves $12.00/ ton
Cardboard $20.00/ ton
 Brush and Trees 
$40.00 / ton
Manure ($20 Min. Charge)$20.00/ ton
Note: no contamination is acceptable in these materials
because they are composted.  Loads with more contamination
than we can reasonably remove will be charged a clean-up or contamination fee. Loads that are too contaminated for us to sort will be charged as unsorted trash.
$48.00 / ton*
$48.00 / ton*
$48.00 / ton*
$20.00 / ton*
$20.00 / ton*
$39.14 / ton*
$39.14 / ton*
$39.14 / ton*
$39.14 / ton*
$39.14 / ton*


  • *  A Clean-Up Fee will be charged any time landfill staff have to clean up banned items out of a loose trash load or move materials to the correct pile for recycling.  The Clean-up fee is $100 per banned item (electronics, fridges, mattresses, tires) or $100 per occurrence for manually sorting recyclable material into the correct pile. 
  • ** Indicates citizen must follow Special Waste Protocol. Please email for information
  • *** Indicates Only non-friable asbestos accepted and must follow Special Waste Protocol

Toxic or Hazardous Waste

No toxic or hazardous waste is accepted. This includes, but is not limited to, paint, thinners, oil, herbicides, or pesticides. Loads with hazardous waste will be rejected. 

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

The City of Glenwood Springs offers a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection event each April the Saturday closest to Earth Day. Year-round HHW drop-off is available up valley at the Pitkin County Solid Waste Center near Aspen Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., see for details.