Tourism Management Board

Regular Meetings

  • Meetings are held every other month on the 2nd Thursday at 2:00 pm
  • Please refer to the Board calendar as locations and dates may change.  Meetings will be held in person.
  • City Hall
    101 West 8th Street
    Third Floor Training Room
    Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


  • Kevin Kennedy, Lodging
    Appointed:  05/2023 (to fill) 
    Term Expires: 02/2026
  • Justin Bishop, Restaurant
    Appointed: 02/2023 (to fill)   
    Term Expires: 02/2025
  • Sharon Brady, Resident/Business
    Appointed:   02/2019, 02/2022
    Term Expires: 02/2025
  • Loretta Ayala, Tourism
    Appointed: 02/2022
    Term Expires:  02/2025
  • Justine Smith, Tourism
    Appointed:  02/2022
    Term Expires:  02/2024
  • Mike Mercatoris, Chamber
    Appointed:  03/2021  
    Term Expires:  02/2024
  • Taylor James, Lodging
    Appointed:  03/2021
    Term Expires:  02/2024
  • Heather Montross-Cowan, Resident
    Appointed:  Alternate 03/2021, 05/2021 (to fill)
    Term Expires:  02/2024
  • Patrick Drake, Resident/Business
     Appointed:  02/2018, 03/2021
    Term Expires:  02/2024

 Council Liaison

  • Mitchell Weimer
  • Erin Zalinski (Alternate)

Composition of the Tourism Management Board

  • Two (2) representatives from tourism-related businesses located within the city;
  • Two (2) representatives from lodging businesses located within the city;
  • One (1) representative from restaurant or retail businesses located within city;
  • One (1) representative from the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association; and
  • Three (3) citizens, who are residents of the city, that may have a financial interest in a tourism-related business.

Powers and Duties of the Tourism Management Board

 (as defined in Title 020 of the Glenwood Springs Municipal Code); (m) Tourism Management Board.
 The powers and duties of the Tourism Management Board shall be: 

  1. To investigate, study and report to the City Council:
    •  All matters concerning tourism marketing and promotion that pertain to the benefit of Glenwood Springs and the area within the 81601 postal  zip code, and
    •  Other matters concerning the subject of tourism marketing and  promotion which may be pertinent to the benefit of the City and the area  within the 81601 postal zip code.
  2. To coordinate with City Staff, Community Organizations, Community Businesses, and other Boards and commissions, when applicable to efficiently market and promote tourism to the benefit of Glenwood Springs and the area within the 81601 postal zip code.
  3. To, at its discretion, and in addition to initiatives that directly market and promote features and attractions within the City and the area within the 81601 postal zip code, market and promote the geographical proximity of Glenwood Springs to other features and attractions outside of the 81601 postal zip code in ways that could reasonably be expected to benefit the City.
  4. To establish rules of procedure and order for the Board to follow.
  5. To review tourism marketing plans; to set tourism marketing goals, to determine the methods to accomplish and measure success in accomplishing those goals; to determine the appropriate staff and marketing contractor(s)/vendor(s) resources needed; to recommend to the City Council an annual tourism marketing budget; to recommend, to the City Council, award of contract(s) for the best candidate for contract staff and marketing contractor(s)/vendor(s) ,deemed necessary, based upon an approved Request for Proposal, Request for Qualification or other process; and to provide oversight of performance of contract staff and marketing vendor(s)/contractor(s) contract terms to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the marketing goals and to report problems with performance to City Council.
  6. To meet with the City Council on an annual basis, or as often as requested by the City Council, to identify marketing priorities of the City.
  7. To complete all other duties as may be directed by City Council.