Event Permits

Planning on holding an event? This page provides information about necessary permits that might be required for your event, depending on what you are planning, and provides information to help in your event planning. 

  • Site Plan: For most events, a detailed site plan will be required showing the proposed event area, including the location of event amenities such as parking, traffic control, emergency access, tent/canopy placement, dumpster locations, vendor parking locations, temporary fencing/barriers, location of port-a-potties and inflatables. 
  • Insurance: For events taking place on city property (including sidewalks, streets, alleys, and parks), the City of Glenwood Springs requires insurance coverage naming the City of Glenwood Springs as additionally insured in the amount of $1 million per event.
  • Deadlines: Please pay special attention to deadlines. For example, the Special Event Liquor License must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of the event.
  1. Karstin Moser

    Parks & Recreation Administrator

Special Event Liquor Permit

An event at which alcohol will be served or sold requires a special event liquor permit. The applicant must be a nonprofit organization registered with the Colorado Secretary of State for purposes of social, fraternal, patriotic, political or athletic activities; a regularly chartered brand, lodge, or chapter of a national organization or society; a regularly established religious or philanthropic institution; or a political candidate or committee.

Applicants will submit this fully completed application for a Special Event Liquor Permit to the City Clerk at least 30 days prior to the event.

City Parks, Trails, Bethel Plaza, and 7th Street  

A Parks and Recreation Facility Use Permit is required for all activities conducted on public property (includes park, trails, Bethel Plaza, and 7th Street) that meet any of the following criteria:
  • Reservation of Parklands or a Parks and Recreation facility for exclusive use
  • Expected number of participants and/or spectators total 50+
  • Tents, structures, and/or sound amplification
  • Selling or distributing alcohol and/or food to the public
  • Any commercial activity, selling of goods and/or services
Review the Parks and Recreation Facility Use Permit Policy prior to submitting at Parks and Recreation Facility Use Permit Application.

For activities that do not meet the criteria above, reservations for a facility can be made online through the online registration/booking portal at www.glenwoodrec.com
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Right Of Way Permit

Will your event require a street, alley or sidewalk closure? Per the Glenwood Springs Municipal Code, it is unlawful for any person to obstruct a public street or public sidewalk without first obtaining a permit from Engineering.  To close a traffic lane or entire street, place a dumpster on the street, create a temporary pedestrian walkway, or store material on a street/alley, a Right-of-Way permit must be obtained. Minimum review time for the Right-of-Way Permit is 5 Business Days. Right of Way Permit


Will there be vendors at the event? If so, vendors will need to obtain a sales tax/business license through the Finance Department at glenwoodsprings.munirevs.com. Temporary vendors or event vendors, must pay $25 and also provide a $100 deposit. Food vendors also need to obtain health department approval.  This is handled by Garfield County Health Department (located in Rifle). Vendors also need a temporary sales and use permit. 
Temporary Sales and Uses
For outdoor sales and uses taking place on private property, a Temporary Sales and Uses/Special Community Event Application is required from the Community Development Department. This application should be filled out for produce stands, peddlers, solicitors, sidewalk sales, and short-term displaying of goods for retail sale, such as vendors. Special Events should fill out the section related to events: Temporary Sales and Use/Special Events Permit (Application starts on Page 5).
For sales of goods and/or services within City parks, trails, Bethel Plaza, or on 7th Street, a Parks and Recreation Facility Use Permit Application is required. Additional details can be found in the Parks and Recreation Facility Use Permit Policy

Tents and Canopies
Are any tents or canopies being used for this event? A Temporary Membrane Structure, Tent and Canopy permit might be required. If any are larger than a 10x10 pop-up or if the tent will be near open flames or cooking, please contact City Fire Department 970-384-6433.