Airport Scenario Planning

The Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport, or GWS as designated by the  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is located on approximately 64 acres situated in the southernmost portion of the City and serves recreational and small business users. 

GWS is not currently part of the FAA National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems. 

The Airport Property Scenario Planning Project began in Fall 2018 as a land use comparison, community benefit, and economic analysis for land encompassing and surrounding the airport.  Once complete, the results of the project are intended to guide future improvements and/or redevelopment of the  area.  The planning process will analyze the highest and best use of the land, taking into consideration economic, social, and other benefits to the community.  The study will compare a number of future uses, including general aviation usage and/or development of the land into one or more alternate land uses (residential, mixed-use, commercial, industrial, parks).

Airport Scenario Planning Documents

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