All Hazards Response Team (AHRT)

All Hazards Response Team - Garfield CountyThe Garfield County All Hazards Response Team (AHRT) was developed in response to the ever-increasing needs of the communities in the county.

Mission Statement

Recognizing that the presence of a highly trained, highly skilled tactical unit has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, police officers, firefighters and suspects. By recognizing that a well managed team response to critical incidents usually results in a successful resolution of critical incidents, it is the intent of the All Hazards Response Team to work together to provide a highly trained and skilled tactical team as a resource for those that are in need.


The team and its equipment are generally funded through grants made possible by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Joint Effort

The AHRT Team is a joint effort between various law enforcement agencies in the county, and currently includes sworn officers from:

Additionally, the team includes medics and firefighter personnel from the Glenwood Springs Fire Department.


Members of the AHRT Team have attended extensive training, including:

  • Basic SWAT School through the Utah County (UT) Sheriff’s Office
  • Courses in:
    • Active Shooters
    • Breaching
    • Tactical Tracking
    • Chemical Munitions
    • All Hazards Response Team Tactical VehicleDistraction Devices
    • Hazmat Operations
    • Rappelling


In 2008, the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office purchased a Lenco BearCat using their own existing funds to further support the mission of the AHRT.