Ordinances 2010 through 2019 All Archives

Ordinance 2019-32 Ordinance 2019-32
Appropriation to Reflect Actual Revenues and Expenditures (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-31 Ordinance 2019-31
Appropriating Funds for Fiscal Year 2020 (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-30 Ordinance 2019-30
Fixing and Certifying the Mill Levy for the City (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-29 Ordinance 2019-29
Fixing and Certifying the Mill Levy for the General Improvement District (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-28 Ordinance 2019-28
Amending Code 060 Regarding Construction Building Codes and Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-27 Ordinance 2019-27
Disconnecting Real Property from the City of Glenwood Springs (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-26 Ordinance 2019-26
Amending Code 050 Permitting Persons Eighteen or Older to Handle Tobacco Products for Employment (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-25 Ordinance 2019-25
Adding Code 120.050.020 Authorizing Fines for Nuisance and Health Related Violations (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-24 Ordinance 2019-24
Amending Codes 120.020.100 and 120.030.150 Regarding Solicitation, Camping, Sleeping, and Inhabitation (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-23 Ordinance 2019-23
Repealing and Readopting Code 040 Regarding the Regulation of Smoking in Public Places (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-21 Ordinance 2019-21
Establishing Licensing Requirements for the Retail Sale of Tobacco Products (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-20 Ordinance 2019-20
Amending Code 100.020.120 Authorizing the Issuance of Fines for Animal-Related Nuisance Violations (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-18 Ordinance 2019-18
Amending Codes 010.020.080, 010.080.081, 050.070.185, and 120.030.150 Conforming Penalty Provisions with State Law (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-17 Ordinance 2019-17
Amending Code 040.020.170 Regarding Local Contractors (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-16 Ordinance 2019-16
Amending Codes 050.030.010 and 070 (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-15 Ordinance 2019-15
Amending Code 070.040.060 Regarding Off-Street Parking and Loading (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-14 Ordinance 2019-14
Amending Code 020.030.010 Allowing the Rescheduling or Canceling of a Regular City Council Meeting by a Resolution (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-11 Ordinance 2019-11
Zoning Annexed Parcel Number 2185-272-00-003 Residential High Density and Parcel 2185-272-20-001 Rural Residential (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-10 Ordinance 2019-10
Annexing Parcel Numbers 2185-272-00-003 and 2185-272-20-001 Into the City (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-09 Ordinance 2019-09
Amending Code 070.030.030 Regarding Accessory Tourist and Short-Term Rentals (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-08 Ordinance 2019-08
Amending Code 100.010 Addressing the Control and Abatement of Noxious Weeds (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-07 Ordinance 2019-07
Vacating a Utility Easement Located on 3116 South Grand Avenue (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-05 Ordinance 2019-05
Repealing Code 010.020.071 Revoking Authorization of City Manager and Council to Temporarily Suspend Enforcement of Portions of Municipal Code (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-04 Ordinance 2019-04
Calling an Election on April 2, 2019 for an Increase in Street Maintenance and Construction Sales and Use Tax (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-03 Ordinance 2019-03
Amending Sections of the Code that Reference Title 070 (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-02 Ordinance 2019-02
Rezoning Property 281 Centennial Street from Mixed Use (M1) to Resort (RE) (pdf)
Ordinance 2019-01 Ordinance 2019-01
Amending the Cardiff Glen Planned Unit Development (PUD) (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-30 Ordinance 2018-30
Appropriating Funds for Fiscal Year 2019 (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-29 Ordinance 2018-29
Appropriation to Reflect Actual Revenues and Expenditures (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-28 Ordinance 2018-28
Vacating Portions of the 1st and Maple Streets Right of Way (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-27 Ordinance 2018-27
Fixing and Certifying the Mill Levy for the City (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-26 Ordinance 2018-26
Fixing and Certifying the Mill Levy for the General Improvement District (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-25 Ordinance 2018-25
Approving a Loan Authorized by Electors in 2016 (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-23 Ordinance 2018-23
Regarding the Temporary Moratorium of New Vacation Rental Permits and Business License Applications (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-22 Ordinance 2018-22
Amending the Powers and Administration of the Downtown Development Authority (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-21 Ordinance 2018-21
Amending Codes 020.020.020, 020.020.030, 060.090.020 Composition, Powers, and Duties of the Building Board of Appeals (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-19 Ordinance 2018-19
Repealing and Replacing Title 070 of the Municipal Code (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-18 Ordinance 2018-18
Amending Code 040.020.170 Additional Economic Incentive Program-New Development to Extend Sunset Until July 15, 2020 (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-17 Ordinance 2018-17
Amending Code 090.030.010 Regarding the Designation of Blake Avenue Park (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-16 Ordinance 2018-16
Amending Title 050 of the Municipal Code by Adding Article 050.100 Regarding Entertainment Districts (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-15 Ordinance 2018-15
Amending Code 080.010.010 Regarding Utility Fees and Deposits (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-14 Ordinance 2018-14
Repealing and Replacing Code 010.050 and Amending Code 010.040.010 (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-13 Ordinance 2018-13
Cancelling the Second Regular City Council Meeting in June 2018 (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-12 Ordinance 2018-12
Amending Codes 040.010, 040.020, and 040.030 Regarding Sales and Use Tax Definitions (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-11 Ordinance 2018-11
Amending Codes 070.040.120 and 070.040.130 Regarding the Regulation of Short Term Accessory Tourism Rentals (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-09 Ordinance 2018-09
Amending Code 020.020.040 Regarding the Term of Appointments to Board and Commissions (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-08 Ordinance 2018-08
Amending Code 060.020.020 Regarding Window Replacement Fees and the Temporary Certificates of Occupancy (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-06 Ordinance 2018-06
Amending Code 020.020 Regarding River Commission Member Numbers and Powers and Duties (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-05 Ordinance 2018-05
Repealing Code 050.050.020 Regarding Bicycle Licenses (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-04 Ordinance 2018-04
Adding Backyard Chickens as a Permitted Use in the Sopris Station Subdivision (pdf
Ordinance 2018-02 Ordinance 2018-02
Amending Code 020.020.030 Powers, Duties, and Membership of the Arts and Culture Board (pdf)
Ordinance 2018-01 Ordinance 2018-01
Amending Code 070.130.110 Impact and Improvement Fees Available to be Waived (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-28 Ordinance 2017-28
Appropriation to Reflect Actual Revenues and Expenditures (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-27 Ordinance 2017-27
Amending Code 070.140 Regarding Exterior Lighting Regulations in Commercial Zones (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-26 Ordinance 2017-26
Appropriation of Funds for 2018 (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-25 Ordinance 2017-25
Amending Code 070.040.120 Regarding the Permitting of Short Term Rentals in Planned Unit Developments (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-24 Ordinance 2017-24
Amending Code 070 Regarding Telecommunication Facilities (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-23 Ordinance 2017-23
Certifying Mill Levy for the City (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-22 Ordinance 2017-22
Certifying Mill Levy for the General Improvement District (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-21 Ordinance 2017-21
Repealing the Portion of the Code Pertaining to Inclusionary Housing Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-20 Ordinance 2017-20
Adopting the 2015 Editions of Certain International and National Codes Regarding Construction and Regulation (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-19 Ordinance 2017-19
Zoning Recently Annexed Land Adjacent to Airport to Light Industrial and Office (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-18 Ordinance 2017-18
Annexing Lands Adjacent to Municipal Airport (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-17 Ordinance 2017-17
Repealing and Replacing Code 090.010 Pertaining to the Municipal Airport (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-16 Ordinance 2017-16
Amending Code 020.020.010 to Create an Arts and Culture Board (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-15 Ordinance 2017-15
Amending Code 100.020.010 Regarding Animal Leashes on Hard Surface Trails and Paths (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-14 Ordinance 2017-14
Amending Code 080.040.015 and 080.060.020 Regarding the Classification for the Payment of System Improvement Fees (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-13 Ordinance 2017-13
Extending the Temporary Moratorium on New Development Applications in Southwest Glenwood Springs (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-12 Ordinance 2017-12
Adding Code 010.020.071 Authorizing Temporary Suspension of Portions of Municipal Code (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-11 Ordinance 2017-11
Amending Code 070.130.110 for the Qualification of Primary Occupants of Deed Restricted Units (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-10 Ordinance 2017-10
Designating the Residence at 1001 Colorado Avenue a Local Landmark (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-09 Ordinance 2017-09
Amending Code 120.030.070 and 120.030.080 to Clarify the Prohibitions on the Public
Ordinance 2017-08 Ordinance 2017-08
Appropriation of Funds for Broadband Business Plan (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-07 Ordinance 2017-07
Appropriation of Funds for the Fleet Service Fund (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-05 Ordinance 2017-05
Appropriation of Funds for a Forest Service Ranger at Hanging Lake (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-04 Ordinance 2017-04
Appropriation of Funds for the Downtown Development Authority (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-03 Ordinance 2017-03
Calling an Election on April 4th to Impose an Excise Tax on Retail Marijuana (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-02 Ordinance 2017-02
Calling an Election on April 4th to Impose Additional Sales Tax on Retail Marijuana (pdf)
Ordinance 2017-01 Ordinance 2017-01
Amending Allocation of Funds for Tourism Advertising (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-40 Ordinance 2016-40
Appropriation of Funds for Tourism Promotion Advertising (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-39 Ordinance 2016-39
Amend Code City Council Meeting Times (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-38 Ordinance 2016-38
Amend Code Administrative Departments (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-37 Ordinance 2016-37
Actual Expenditures (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-36 Ordinance 2016-36
Adopt Code Standards for Deed Restricted Affordable Housing Developments (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-35 Ordinance 2016-35
Appropriating Funds for Fiscal Year 2017 (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-34 Ordinance 2016-34
Temporary Moratorium on New Development Applications Southwest Glenwood (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-33 Ordinance 2016-33
Amend Code Residential EQR Classification (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-32 Ordinance 2016-32
Vacating Right-of-Way Interests In and To the Grand Ave Pedestrian Bridge (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-31 Ordinance 2016-31
Vacating a Portion of its Right-of-Way Interest In and To Aspen Street (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-30 Ordinance 2016-30
Vacating a Portion of its Right-of-Way Interest In and To William Street (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-29 Ordinance 2016-29
Amending Ord 26-2015 Vacation of Certain Rights of Way (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-28 Ordinance 2016-28
Amending Ord 25-2015 Vacation of Certain Rights of Way (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-27 Ordinance 2016-27
Fixing and Certifying Milly Levy City (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-26 Ordinance 2016-26
Fixing and Certifying Mill Levy GID (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-25 Ordinance 2016-25
Appropriation for Repair and Painting Canyon Water Storage Tanks (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-24 Ordinance 2016-24
Appropriation for Construction of an Equipment Storage Building (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-22 Ordinance 2016-22
Calling for November Election to Extend One Cent Acquisition and Improvements Sales and Use Tax (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-21 Ordinance 2016-21
Amend Code Classification for the Payment of Fire and Emergency Services Impact Fees (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-20 Ordinance 2016-20
Appropriation for the Grand Avenue Bridge Project (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-19 Ordinance 2016-19
Amend Code Prohibit Smoking on Certain Outdoor Areas (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-18 Ordinance 2016-18
Appropriation of Funds from Tourism Promotion Reserve for Colorado Public Television (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-17 Ordinance 2016-17
Appropriation of Funds from Tourism Promotion Reserve for AirSage Visitor Analysis and Research Study (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-16 Ordinance 2016-16
Granting a Franchise to Black Hills Gas Distribution (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-15 Ordinance 2016-15
Appropriation for Whitewater Activity Area Parking Lot Paving (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-14 Ordinance 2016-14
Appropriation for Street Sweeper Replacement (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-13 Ordinance 2016-13
Amend and Add Code Spring Clean Up (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-12 Ordinance 2016-12
Appropriation for Red Mountain Trail Improvements (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-11 Ordinance 2016-11
Amend Code Extend Sunset for Additional Economic Incentive Option for New Development (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-10 Ordinance 2016-10
Appropriation for Replacement of Lift Station at Two Rivers Park (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-09 Ordinance 2016-09
Appropriation of Funds from Tourism Promotion Reserve for Grand Ave Bridge Ambassador (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-08 Ordinance 2016-08
Amend Appropriation Ordinance Reallocation of Funds (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-07 Ordinance 2016-07
Amend Code Water and Sewer System Improvement Fees (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-06 Ordinance 2016-06
Appropriation of Funds from Tourism Promotion Reserve for July 4 Fireworks (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-05 Ordinance 2016-05
Appropriation of Funds from Tourism Promotion Reserve for a Hanging Lake Employee (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-04 Ordinance 2016-04
Zoning of Glenwood Commercial Center (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-03 Ordinance 2016-03
Annexation of Glenwood Commercial Center (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-02  Ordinance 2016-02
Amending Code Membership of Tourism Promotion Board (pdf)
Ordinance 2016-01 Ordinance 2016-01
Adding Code Location and Extent Review of Development Projects (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-34 Ordinance 2015-34
Amending 2015 Appropriation (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-33 Ordinance 2015-33
Amend Code Repeal Fee Increase for Parkland Dedication, Fire, Emergency Services, and Water-WW System Improvement (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-32 Ordinance 2015-32
Appropriating Funds for 2016 (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-31 Ordinance 2015-31
Revenue Bond Ordinance in the Street Maintenance and Construction Fund (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-30 Ordinance 2015-30
Appropriation for Roof Replacement at 413 9th St (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-29 Ordinance 2015-29
Certify Mill Levy City (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-28 Ordinance 2015-28
Certify Mill Levy GID (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-26 Ordinance 2015-26
Vacating a Right-of-Way Interest on Chestnut Street (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-25 Ordinance 2015-25
Vacating a Portion of 6th St and its Extension (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-23 Ordinance 2015-23
Appropriation from Tourism Promotion Reserve Fund for Tourism Promotion for Website (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-22 Ordinance 2015-22
Appropriation for Ambulance Equipment (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-21 Ordinance 2015-21
Appropriation from Tourism Promotion Reserve Fund for Tourism Promotion for 24hr Visitor Information Center (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-20 Ordinance 2015-20
Amend Cardiff Glen PUD Eliminate Community Center, Modify Open Space, Require Improvements to Grand River Park (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-19 Ordinance 2015-19
Extend Sunset for Temporary Placement of Real Estate Open House Signs (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-18 Ordinance 2015-18
Designate 412 8th St as a Local Landmark (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-17 Ordinance 2015-17
Amend Code Marijuana Establishments (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-16 Ordinance 2015-16
Amend Code Residential and Lodging Accommodations (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-15 Ordinance 2015-15
Add Properties into GID (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-14 Ordinance 2015-14
Amend Code Extend Sunset for Exemptions from Inclusionary Residential Requirements for Community Housing (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-13 Ordinance 2015-13
Amend Code Keeping of Backyard Chickens (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-12 Ordinance 2015-12
Appropriation of Funds for Community Center Roof Repair and Replacement (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-11 Ordinance 2015-11
Temporary Moratorium on the Acceptance and Processing of Marijuana Applications and Licenses (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-10 Ordinance 2015-10
Authorizing Sale of 941 and 1015 School St and Referring Question for a Special Election September 2015 (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-09 Ordinance 2015-09
Amend Code Newsrack Specifications (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-08 Ordinance 2015-08
Amend Code Enforcement of Garbage, Refuse, and Trash Storage (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-07 Ordinance 2015-07
Appropriation for Airport Runway and Apron Reconstruction (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-06 Ordinance 2015-06
Appropriation for Scoping of Development Code Revision (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-05 Ordinance 2015-05
Appropriation for Local Electric Generation Study (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-04 Ordinance 2015-04
Appropriation from Tourism Promotion Reserve Fund for Tourism Promotion (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-03 Ordinance 2015-03
Designating 731 Grand Ave as a Local Landmark (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-02 Ordinance 2015-02
Amend Code Council and Mayor Compensation (pdf)
Ordinance 2015-01 Ordinance 2015-01
Amend Code 2009 IBC for Elevator Regulation (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-28 Ordinance 2014-28
Appropriating Funds for 2015 (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-27 Ordinance 2014-27
Reflect Actuals (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-26 Ordinance 2014-26
Authorizing the Sale of Property on 23rd and Grand and Submitting Question to Vote on April 2015 (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-25 Ordinance 2014-25
Certify City Mill Levy (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-24 Ordinance 2014-24
Certify GID Mill Levy (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-23 Ordinance 2014-23
Vacate Utility Easement in Lot 1, Block 1, of the North Glenwood Center (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-22 Ordinance 2014-22
Cancel 1-1-15 Meeting (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-21 Ordinance 2014-21
Rezone Iron Mountain PUD from IL to PUD (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-20 Ordinance 2014-20
Amend Code Court Appointed Counsel Fees (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-19 Ordinance 2014-19
Zoning Annexed Property IL-SourceGas (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-18 Ordinance 2014-18
Annexation-SourceGas (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-17 Ordinance 2014-17
Designate Local Landmark-809 Blake Ave (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-16 Ordinance 2014-16
Amend Appropriations for Upper90Sports Soccer Tournaments (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-15 Ordinance 2014-15
Authorizing the Sale of Property at 413 9th and Submitting Question to Voters on November (Library) (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-14 Ordinance 2014-14
Amend Code Economic Incentive Program Option for New Development to Extend Sunset (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-13 Ordinance 2014-13
Cancel 1st Council Meeting in July (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-12 Ordinance 2014-12
Designate Local Landmark-312 7th (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-11 Ordinance 2014-11
Amend Appropriations for Municipal Operation Center Repairs (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-10 Ordinance 2014-10
Amend Appropriations for Ice Rink Facility (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-07 Ordinance 2014-07
Amend Code Two Rivers Park Use Fees (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-05 Ordinance 2014-05
Amend Code Two Rivers Park Use Fees (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-04 Ordinance 2014-04
Amend Appropriations for Cardiff Tank Painting (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-03 Ordinance 2014-03
Rezone Hillside Preservation to PUD (Silver Sage PUD) (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-02 Ordinance 2014-02
Amend Code Possession and Selling Tobacco to Minors (pdf)
Ordinance 2014-01 Ordinance 2014-01
Amend Code Accessory Dwelling Units (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-30 Ordinance 2013-30
Amend Code Keeping of Backyard Chickens (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-29 Ordinance 2013-29
Amend 2013 Appropriation to Reflect Actuals (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-28 Ordinance 2013-28
Establish Optional Premise Liquor License Standards (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-27 Ordinance 2013-27
Appropriating 2014 Funds (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-26 Ordinance 2013-26
Amend Code Flood Damage Prevention (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-25 Ordinance 2013-25
Rezone West Side of 800 Block of Pitkin from R3 to C2 (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-24 Ordinance 2013-24
Certify City Mill Levy (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-23 Ordinance 2013-23
Certify GID Mill Levy (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-22 Ordinance 2013-22
Amend Code Medical Marijuana Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-21 Ordinance 2013-21
Amend Code Retail Marijuana Licensing and Regulating (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-20 Ordinance 2013-20
Amend Code Retail Marijuana Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-19 Ordinance 2013-19
Amend Code Bed and Breakfasts (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-18 Ordinance 2013-18
Amend Appropriation for a Performing Art Center Study (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-17 Ordinance 2013-17
Amend Code Review Processes for Land Use Applications (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-16 Ordinance 2013-16
Rezone West Glenwood Estates Lot 13 from R_3 to R_2 and Removing for Church Use by Special Review Only (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-15 Ordinance 2013-15
Amend Code Extend Sunset Placement of Real Estate Open House Signs (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-14 Ordinance 2013-14
Extend Temporary Marijuana Moratorium and Designate a Local Licensing Authority (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-13 Ordinance 2013-13
Amend Code Keeping of Backyard Chickens (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-12  Ordinance 2013-12
Extending Moratorium on All Marijuana Did Not Pass (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-11 Ordinance 2013-11
Amend Code Extend Sunset Exemptions From Inclusionary Requirements for Community Housing (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-10 Ordinance 2013-10
Ballot Question Increase Ad Valoreum Tax 2 Mills (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-09 Ordinance 2013-09
Amend 2013 Appropriation Professional Services (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-08 Ordinance 2013-08
Amend Code Increased Value for Property Crimes (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-07 Ordinance 2013-07
Rezone 11th and Grand From R_4 to C_2 (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-06 Ordinance 2013-06
Appropriation for Veltus Park Restrooms (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-05 Ordinance 2013-05
Temporary Moratorium on Retail Marijuana (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-04 Ordinance 2013-04
Cancel July 4th City Council Meeting (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-03 Ordinance 2013-03
Local Landmark Designation-1124 Bennett (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-02 Ordinance 2013-02
Local Landmark Designation-830 Blake (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-01 Ordinance 2013-01
Change Date of First April City Council (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-18 Ordinance 2012-18
Amend 2012 to Reflect Actual (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-17 Ordinance 2012-17
Appropriate 2013 Funds (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-16 Ordinance 2012-16
Certify City Mill Levy (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-15 Ordinance 2012-15
Certify GID No 1980 Mill Levy (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-14 Ordinance 2012-14
Amend Code Off Street Parking and Commercial Design Standards (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-13 Ordinance 2012-13
Authorize Sale and Submit to Electors-7th and Colorado (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-12 Ordinance 2012-12
Amend Code Residential Sprinklers (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-11 Ordinance 2012-11
Amend 2012 Appropriation Restoring S Canyon Leachate Collection System (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-10 Ordinance 2012-10
Amend Code Short Term Rental Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-09 Ordinance 2012-09
Amend Code Fire Restrictions (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-08 Ordinance 2012-08
Amend Code Keeping of Backyard Chicken Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-07 Ordinance 2012-07
Amend Code Possession Less Than Two Oz of Marijuana (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-06 Ordinance 2012-06
Amend Code Motor Vehicles on Trails (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-05 Ordinance 2012-05
Amend Code Sunset Provision Extension for An Additional Economic Incentive Program
Ordinance 2012-04 Ordinance 2012-04
Amend Appropriation Regarding 9th Street and Cooper Parking Structure (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-03 Ordinance 2012-03
Agreement to Participate in MEAN Bulk Power Pooling and Schedule K-1, West Side Bulk Power Agreement (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-02 Ordinance 2012-02
Amend Code Appoint Hearing Officer to be Liquor Licensing Authority (pdf)
Ordinance 2012-01 Ordinance 2012-01
Authorizing MEAN Agreement Did Not Pass (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-27 Ordinance 2011-27
Approving 2012 Refunding Bonds (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-26 Ordinance 2011-26
Appropriation - Reflect Actuals (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-25 Ordinance 2011-25
Appropriate 2012 Funds (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-24 Ordinance 2011-24
Amend Code - Repeal Sunset on Temporary Placement of Special Community Event Signs (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-23 Ordinance 2011-23
Certify City Mill Levy (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-22 Ordinance 2011-22
Certify GID Mill Levy (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-21 Ordinance 2011-21
Authorizing MEAN Agreement Never Voted On (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-20 Ordinance 2011-20
Amend Code - Obsolete and Conflicting Language (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-19 Ordinance 2011-19
Appropriate Funds - Structural and Foundation Assessment for the Municipal Operations Center (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-18  Ordinance 2011-18
Appropriate Additional Funds for the DDA (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-17 Ordinance 2011-17
Amend Code - Extend Sunset Temporary Placement of Real Estate Open House Signs (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-16 Ordinance 2011-16
Property Transfer to Garfield County Public Library District (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-15 Ordinance 2011-15
Add Code - Medical Marijuana Licensing and Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-14 Ordinance 2011-14
Amend Code - Medical Marijuana Operation Zoning Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-13 Ordinance 2011-13
Amend Code - Exemptions from Inclusionary Requirements for Community Housing (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-12 Ordinance 2011-12
Amend Code - Extend Sunset for 1 Year for Economic Incentives for New Development (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-11 Ordinance 2011-11
Extend Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Moratoriums (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-10 Ordinance 2011-10
Amend 2011 Appropriation to Reflect Expenditures for Energy Efficiency Projects (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-09 Ordinance 2011-09
Amend Appropriation - Tourism Promotion Fund Expenditure (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-08 Ordinance 2011-08
Amend Cardiff Glen PUD DID NOT PASS (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-07 Ordinance 2011-07
Amend Code - Inclusionary Requirements for Community Housing (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-06 Ordinance 2011-06
Amend Code - Medical Marijuana Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-05 Ordinance 2011-05
Change the 1st Meeting in April (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-04 Ordinance 2011-04
Amend Appropriation - Transfer Funds to Purchase Property (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-03 Ordinance 2011-03
Amend Code - Court Appointed Council Fees (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-02 Ordinance 2011-02
Amend Code - Adopt 2010 Model Traffic Code (pdf)
Ordinance 2011-01 Ordinance 2011-01
Amend Code - Community Event Signs (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-25 Ordinance 2010-25
Appropriation to Reflect Actuals (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-24 Ordinance 2010-24
Amend Code - Adopt International and National Codes Regarding Construction Building Codes and Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-23 Ordinance 2010-23
Amend Code - Limiting Review of Records under Tax Ord (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-22 Ordinance 2010-22
Amend Code - Procedure Establishing Business License Fees (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-21 Ordinance 2010-21
Amend Code - Deposition for Certain Sales Tax Licenses (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-20 Ordinance 2010-20
Amend Code - Amend Fire Department Fees by Resolution (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-19 Ordinance 2010-19
Appropriating 2011 Funds (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-18 Ordinance 2010-18
Certify City Mill Levy (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-17 Ordinance 2010-17
Certifying GID Mill Levy (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-16 Ordinance 2010-16
Extend Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Moratorium (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-15 Ordinance 2010-15
Amend Code - Extend Sunset - Open House Signs (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-14 Ordinance 2010-14
Amend Code - Amend Cemetery Rules and Regulations (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-13 Ordinance 2010-13
Amend Code - Calculation of Housing Payments to Income Ratio for Community Housing (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-12 Ordinance 2010-12
Amend Code - Creating Tourism Promotion Board (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-11 Ordinance 2010-11
Amend Code - Extend Sunset for 1 Year for the Economic Incentive Program for New Development (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-10 Ordinance 2010-10
Glenwood Sanitarium - Local Landmark (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-09 Ordinance 2010-09
First Church of Christ Scientist - Local Landmark (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-08 Ordinance 2010-08
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Temporary Moratorium (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-07 Ordinance 2010-07
Amend Code - Home Occupation Requirements (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-06 Ordinance 2010-06
Authorize Issuance of Revenue Refunding Bonds (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-05 Ordinance 2010-05
1st Presbyterian Church - Local Landmark (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-04 Ordinance 2010-04
Linwood Cemetery - Local Landmark (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-03 Ordinance 2010-03
Cardiff Schoolhouse - Local Landmark (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-02 Ordinance 2010-02
Extend Loan for WW Improvements (pdf)
Ordinance 2010-01 Ordinance 2010-01
Amending Code - Local Preference (pdf)