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Financial Advisory Board Grant Application 2024

  1. City of Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  2. Application Information and Instructions

  3. Introduction

    Dear Applicant,

    This document contains the 2024 Grant Application that will be reviewed by the Financial Advisory Board (FAB). Please note that this is the only opportunity to apply for these grant funds.

    Each year, the City of Glenwood Springs allocates a portion of sales tax revenues from its Acquisition and Improvement (A&I) and Tourism Funds for human services, special events, tourism promotion and other public purposes as City Council deems appropriate.

    Please be aware that the City is requiring all applications to be submitted in full, on-time, and in one pdf file only. We have made exceptions in the past, but Council has directed the finance staff to not present applications to the reviewing body that do not meet the 2024 requirements. Applications must be completed and submitted online. Staff has the responsibility to collect and submit applications to FAB, and has no authority to waive any technical requirements.

    An applicant may submit only one application each grant cycle. The grant process is competitive.   Receipt of funds in a prior year is not a guarantee of funding in the current year. Our application count and amount has more than doubled recently, without corresponding funding so applicants are advised that most applications will not be funded, or fully funded.

    Please review your application completely before submitting it, and make sure you have followed all instructions.

    The City of Glenwood Springs complies with all applicable state and federal laws and does not discriminate in any manner.



  4. Program Dates

    Applications Available: February 1, 2024

    Applications Due: April 10, 2024

    Target Award Date: June 6, 2024

    Note: City Council reserves the right to take whatever time is necessary to make its final determination.

  5. Application Instructions

    1. Applications will be considered based on the following eligibility and organizational guidelines:

    a. Must be complete, on-time, and include all documentation in a single pdf.

    b. Must be a not-for-profit, government or tax-supported public entity.

    c. May not be a political organization.

    d. The estimated number of residents of Glenwood Springs impacted by the application must be estimated along with total individuals impacted.

    e. General operating expenses are more likely to be funded than capital expenditures which will be subject to a higher level of scrutiny.

    f. Awards to religious organizations are generally not funded. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis depending on the purpose of the request.

    g. We consider only applications of less than 10% of the annual budget.

    2. Applications MUST BE RECEIVED by the City of Glenwood Springs prior to 5:00 p.m. on April 10, 2024.

    3. Applications will be evaluated first on compliance with eligibility requirements and then on responses to the selection criteria. The City of Glenwood Springs reserves the right to fund applications in whole, in part, or not at all, and to reject any or all applications.

    4. Applications and all materials submitted to the City may be subject to disclosure pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act.

    5. No cover letter or table of contents should be submitted.

    6. The final submission to the City must include:

    • Completed application questions
    • Signed Application Checklist from an authorized representative – electronic signatures are acceptable
    • Supporting documentation and responses to Selection Criteria questions in proper order from the Application Checklist

    7. The City Council of the City of Glenwood Springs is the sole decision maker for grants awarded through the Financial Advisory Board. The Financial Advisory Board reviews applications and makes its recommendations to the City Council.

    8. The Finance Director is responsible for all activities regarding the distribution of funds through the 2024 Grant Cycle and may solicit information from any source as needed in conducting their work.

    9. The City or its designee has the right to issue supplemental statements regarding these instructions or any aspect of the grant program on an as-needed basis, and to perform any due diligence that may be required in the City’s sole opinion.  Applicants may be required to provide additional information or to participate in pre-award interview.

  6. Application

  7. Applicant Information
  8. Are you the primary contact for this grant?*
  9. Grant Request and Financial Information
  10. Application Checklist


    • Signed application checklist
    • Description of Organization and its activities: (two pages maximum)
    • Use of Funds Summary (one page maximum)
    • Response to Selection Criteria Questions in narrative form (three pages maximum)
    • Copy of IRS determination letter as to 501(c)(3) or other not-for-profit status
    • Colorado Secretary of State Certificate as nonprofit corporation in good standing
    • List of current board of directors and officers
    • List of all major contributors ($2,000 and above) and amounts contributed, highest to lowest
    • Year-end financial statements for fiscal year most recently available
    • IRS Form 990 (most current available)
    • Approved budget for current fiscal year
  11. Selection Criteria Questions

    All applicants must respond to the Selection Criteria questions in narrative form (no more than three (3) pages). The three-page limit applies only to your answers to these questions, not to the Use of Funds Summary, or any supporting documentation. The narrative must be submitted with your supporting documentation upload. 

    1. Which needs within the City of Glenwood Springs does your organization serve, or will your special event or public program serve?
    2. Describe your paid professional staff and your level of volunteer involvement. 
    3. Quantify the service level you provide to the citizens of the City of Glenwood Springs.  How many City clients were served in your last full fiscal year in the program(s) for which you are requesting funds?  What are the projections for the current year and next year? If funding a special event, how many participants to you expect, and will the event draw visitors to Glenwood Springs?
    4. Highlight the desired 2024 goals and outcomes to be achieved with City of Glenwood Springs’ funds.  How will you define and measure your success as related to this funding request?
    5.  Describe your income stream(s), including fundraising efforts.  If you are the local chapter of a national entity, explain how much funding it provides.
    6. Have you used City of Glenwood Springs funds to receive additional funds from other sources?  If so, what is the amount of leveraged funds received?
    7. Has your organization had a deficit budget within the last three years?  If so, how did you fund the deficit?  What plans have you made to eliminate future deficits?  Does your organization have a fund balance/reserve that is equal to or greater than six months of operating expenses?  If so, how do you plan to use this reserve?  
    8. Please describe how the funds will be used. 
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